GS Experts Business Consulting d.o.o. is recognised premium brand with unique individual consulting approach by the highly qualified partners. Each process of consulting and planning is a unique and it carries individual fingerprint of your wishes and goals.
With us, you can make long-term development of your property and still be able to act promptly when needed.


Project investments in the area of South Eastern Europe

As a unique expert network GS Experts Business Consulting offering the approach to the growing labour market in SEE to private and institutional investors.

Using our specific expertise we actively deliver advices to our clients in targeting planning and configuration to adjusted portfolios with infrastructural projects and sustainable investments.

South-Eastern Europe is incomparably characterised by heterogeneity of individual countries and regions, thus establishing very high requests when dealing with regional investors expertise and their advisers.

Long-term protection and wealth development

Critical factor for success of serious planning in the property protection is never just investment itself, but optimal interaction of linking 5 key factors: »consulting and expertise for implementation«, »process analysis«
«structuring, process optimisation«,»investment«.

Each of these factors represents unique services we can deliver in a package or individually. The aim is
to cover each of them above the average value enabling long-term development to your property and assets with supreme protection and safety. The GS Experts Business Consulting d.o.o. strategy framework enables you to completely count on the best possible ratio of all factors from the very beginning of the process.

Company strategic development for the future

Successful company is embedded in the quality of its products and services, as well as satisfaction of its clients and employees.

In order to keep the pace with your competition on the present-day market, your company must primarily secure highly qualified and motivated, technical and managerial staff.

Based on the scientifically verified and globally recognised analyses of potentials and competencies, we support companies in creating and sustainable optimizing of all key pre-conditions for successful business.

We are focused to the pleasure of employees and clients including identification of all employees and managers with the company goals. We achieve this by applying efforts on common attitude about mission and self-developing practical corporative culture, as well as recognition and sustainable promotion of human resources and skills, both workers and managers. Particularly significant within this context is promotion and development of communicative skills in the team work and among managers.

Founders and main consultants

Dr. Alexander Milićević (MBA)

More information

Dragana Nikolić, M.A.

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